Possible Bags and Pouches

Shoulder-Style Possible Bags

IMG_4996Wow! Blue Creek Traders is your source for museum-quality bags made of deer leather. Bright color schemes with hand-done quill work are truly gorgeous, and these bags are completely hand-crafted. Designs vary, so call and ask about our current inventory.

IMG_4577These two large leather possible bags with shoulder straps are nicely done. Choose your favorite!

We have a huge variety of possible bags with shoulder straps. Everything is handmade with all-leather materials. Deer, elk, buffalo, antelope—choose your favorite (or one of each). No fake stuff! Prices are right, and your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed. Please call for details!

Belt-Style Possible Bags

IMG_5000IMG_5001IMG_5002We have an assortment of hand-beaded belt bags to offer. On two of the pieces, notice the fabric-lined flap.



IMG_4589Choose your favorite of two medium-size belt bags in deer leather with fringe.

IMG_4578These simple, functional belt bags with flap are made of deer leather.

Turtle Fetishes

IMG_4587Genuine turtle shells have been transformed into eye-catching ornaments with beadwork. Some of these little friends will secure small treasures while they dress up your buckskins, while others are sweet little medicine turtles. Each one is unique! Sizes vary.