Leather Coats and Vests

Leather Coats Made of Buffalo Robes (Buffalo Hides)

These three amigos were outfitted with buffalo robes and buffalo bonnets by Blue Creek Traders.Our long, collared buffalo coats are made to order, so you know your buffalo robe will fit you (and your personality) to a T. These popular hand-sewn coats often feature elk antler buttons, wool trade cloth, and a tail, but we’ll make it your way. This is a best seller for Blue Creek Traders–and for good reason.
$800 and up

IMG_4964IMG_4965All sewn up and ready to ship, this basic buffalo coat features red trade wool and the animal’s tail. You’ll be forever warm!
Size L | $700-$900

img_55781img_55791Hand-painted buffalo coat by Blue Creek Traders

Hand-painted buffalo coat by Blue Creek Traders



Wow! The photos say it all. These garment-tanned buffalo coats (hair on the inside) will keep you warm and make your friends green with envy. Choose from a traditional hand-painted geometric design, magpies, or another design.
Size L | $1,135 – $1,400


Leather Coats Made of Antelope Hides

IMG_4355If you’re looking for an authentic-look antelope jacket in a Southwest design, this is it. Notice the antler buttons plus dark green trade cloth and fringe on this hand-sewn piece with lots of details.

This old-style frock coat in antelope leather features lots of fringe.
$675 (most sizes)

IMG_4938This smoked antelope leather coat features elk antler buttons, lots of twisted fringe, and gray wool accents. Pockets are a helpful addition.


Leather Coats Made of Elk Hides or Deer Hides

IMG_4512To wear or not to wear may be the question with this decorative piece. Fringe, four bead strips, red wool trim, and numerous hand-painted images adorn the brain-tanned leather. This one has sold, but we can custom-make a similar one just for you.
$565 (most sizes)

IMG_4956IMG_4957German brain-tanned and smoked leather jacket in three-quarters length features antler buttons and horse-hair locks. Collared style provides a finished look.
$615 (most sizes)

Horses Running Over Mountains scene is hand-painted on this white elk leather frock coat with belt. Gorgeous piece.
$625 (most sizes)


IMG_4935IMG_4936Don’t miss this smoked German brain-tanned leather coat. Functional pockets, bone buttons, and blue wool trade cloth dress it up nicely.


Leather Vests

This natural-colored, red wool-wrapped elk vest features painted accents on the front corners, which provide a teaser for the full-size image on the back. This one has sold, but we can custom-make a similar one for you.
$285 (most sizes)

IMG_4914bIMG_4916bThis hand-sewn vest of deer leather features trade wool and bullet holes.

IMG_4917IMG_4918Get yourself some tail–whitetail deer, that is–with this leather vest featuring pockets, wool-wrapped trim, and plenty of fringe.

IMG_4919IMG_4920This whitetail deer leather vest, sans pockets, turns its attention to the Plains Indian-style painting on the back. Lots of twisted fringe, too, makes this piece a real head-turner.


IMG_4527This vest features a bear motif on antelope leather with blue wool accent and black fringe. Unique piece! This one has sold, but we can custom-make a similar one just for you.

Lakota Sioux vest is completely covered with beadwork.
Size L | $1,320