Leather Dresses

IMG_4926IMG_4927Smoked German brain-tanned dress features red wool on the collar. This is a hand-sewn garment in the style of the Plains Indians.

IMG_4928IMG_4929This Crow-style antelope leather dress features coyote fur and lots of twisted fringe. Hand-sewn, of course.

Waiting for the Returning Warriors is hand-painted on German brain-tanned deer leather. This one-of-a-kind, hand-sewn dress with fringe is suitable for wearing or displaying.

IMG_4563Rustic hand-sewn dress is made of alum-tanned antelope leather, the preferred leather of the Plains Indians.

Horses Running Over the Mountains is hand-painted on German brain-tanned deer leather. Features extra fringe and 100 replica elk teeth. Absolutely stunning to wear or display!

Hand-sewn, hand-painted dress of two-toned leather features six running horses front and back, fringe, and a wrapped collar.

IMG_4321German brain-tanned leather work dress makes no apologies for dressing up with fringe.

Plain work dress features a red wool neckline and some long fringe.

IMG_4318You can’t help but feel good wearing this colorful antelope dress with fringe.

IMG_4316This simple work dress is made of brain-tanned, smoked deer hide.
Size S | $480

IMG_4314Two-tone dress features five hand-painted horses on both sides, shell-accented fringe, and more.

IMG_4312Done in the Southern Plains style, this antelope leather dress features elk teeth (reproductions) and fringe. It’s one of Clint’s favorites.

img_4746_0024The top of this tri-colored dress is antelope leather; the bottom, deer.

img_4748_0026Turquoise trade wool adorns this zigzag-collared dress.

img_4750_0028Elk teeth dress up this hand-painted dress of antelope leather.

img_4752_0030This dress is German brain-tanned.