Fur Hats and Buffalo Bonnets

IMG_4447IMG_4448What’s black and white and red all over? This two-tailed skunk hat with face and a red wool top!

IMG_4441IMG_4442Badger drape hat with coyote teeth, beaded rosette, and trade wool.

IMG_4984 IMG_4983There won’t be any confusion about the fur on this drape hat with feet. Beaver tail is a telltale indicator!

IMG_4439IMG_4440Here’s a simple, no-frills beaver hat.

IMG_4434IMG_4435Coyote drape with bead strip.

IMG_4428IMG_4429Beaver hat with wool trim.

IMG_4414IMG_4415Badger drape with claws features rosettes and beads on sides.

IMG_4412IMG_4413This face-and-tail fur hat is made with a raccoon pelt. You can custom-order a similar hat in any number of furs, including fox, coyote, badger, and skunk. Price varies with fur choice and other options.
$130 (as shown)

IMG_4408IMG_4409Two-tailed skunk hat with face and shells in the eyes.

IMG_4406IMG_4407Two-tailed raccoon hat with leather and bead accents.

IMG_4404IMG_4405Opossum hat with face and partial drape.

IMG_4402IMG_4403Opossum hat.

IMG_4394IMG_4395Badger drape with bead strip in front.

IMG_4392IMG_4393Wyoming coyote full drape with extras.

IMG_4382IMG_4383This red fox and opossum fur hat features a raccoon penis bone and beaded rosette. Let us know if you want to add a face to this style.
$150 (as shown)

IMG_4380IMG_4381Red fox drape.

IMG_4374IMG_4375This buffalo hat with brim features a triple rosette and feather. Or you can keep it simple.
$145 (as shown)
$115 (plain style)

Buffalo Bonnets

Buffalo headdresses have real buffalo horn caps and tanned buffalo leather. Drawstring inside the hat and a chin strap ensure a good fit for most people.  Beading, feathers and other adornments can be added to your liking.  Each bonnet is unique and is customized for each order. (The Buffalo Hide Painting used as backdrop can be found on this site.)
 $195 – $255