Leather Pants and Shirts

Leather Pants

Our custom-made leather pants with antler buttons and fringe are hand-sewn. Send us your measurements (waist and inseam) or, better yet, an old pair of good-fitting pants that can be taken apart and used as a pattern.
$315 (most sizes) / Additional cost for larger sizes

Leather Spirit Shirt

Hand-painted, highly decorated spirit shirt is made of antelope leather. This one has sold. We can make another just for you. Send us your measurements!
$750 (most sizes)

Leather Spirit Jackets

Spirit_JacketThis hand-painted spirit jacket is made of antelope leather with antler buttons.
Size L | $810

IMG_4961IMG_4963Ten antelope hides were used to make this Plains Indian spirit jacket. Design includes blue hailstones, turkey feathers, and twisted fringe with ochre paint.
Size L–XL | $750


Leather War Shirts

IMG_4939IMG_4940Smoked brain-tanned leather provides the backdrop for this stunning hand-sewn, wool-trimmed war shirt. Horse hair locks and bead strips vie for the center of attention.
$625 (most sizes) / Additional cost for larger sizes

IMG_4941IMG_4942There’s no question about what makes this war shirt a winner–Plains Indian-style painting! Of course, bead strips, wool trim, and horse-hair locks leave little to want for on this buckskin deer leather garment. Let us know if you find a hand-sewn, hand-painted leather shirt at a better price anywhere else.
$310 (most sizes) / Additional cost for larger sizes

IMG_4953IMG_4954This ceremonial war shirt is German brain-tanned and smoked leather with excellent beadwork. Ermine and twisted candy stripe fringe dress it up considerably.
Size L | $810

Hand-painted antelope leather features ermine and a wool-wrapped neck.

This dual-colored antelope leather war shirt features two bead strips, twisted fringe, and a trade wool-wrapped neck.

Four long bead strips, a bead medallion, horse hair locks with cones, and fringe adorn this duotone antelope leather war shirt with V-neck. Dot pattern is striking!
$475 (most sizes)

Hand-painted war shirt in deer leather tells the story of a warrior and his horses. Pullover style with bib, also features some horse hair locks, fringe, and two bead strips.
$425 (most sizes)

Coming and going, buffalo teeth are the focus on this two-tone antelope leather war shirt with two beaded rosettes and twisted fringe. V-neck, pullover style with extra length ensures your backside will be covered.

Leather Work Shirts ***Prices Starting at Only $410***

IMG_4943IMG_4944Even basic work shirts can look good with a red wool bib and plenty of twisted fringe. This one is made of smoked antelope leather.
$410 (most sizes)

IMG_4949IMG_4950You’ll look great in this simple hand-sewn buckskin work shirt with fringe.
$410 (most sizes)

IMG_4951IMG_4952Plains-style shirt is made of smoked antelope leather, the preferred leather of the Plains Indians. This authentic-looking garment features twisted fringe and wool trim.
$410 (most sizes)


This antelope leather shirt features a wool-wrapped collar and twisted fringe. Check out the mule deer tail front and center!
$410 (most sizes)

Simple design with some twisted fringe makes the antelope leather take center stage. The collar is wool-wrapped.
$410 (most sizes)

Simple pullover shirt with V-neck, two bead strips, and fringe.
$410 (most sizes)

Button-down antelope leather shirt features fringe and four bead strips.
$415 (most sizes)

Little red riding hood—er, bib—on this antelope shirt with twisted fringe.
$410 (most sizes)