Native American Décor and Regalia

Buffalo Robe Paintings

Hair-on buffalo robes provide the artist with a canvas for these hand-painted works of art spanning approximately 35 square feet. No two are alike and current inventory varies, but the robes shown here give you a pretty good idea of what’s available. Custom orders, too, are welcome. Tell your story with a custom-designed traditional hide painting!
$800 and up

Bow and Quiver Sets

Our early American bow and quiver sets, which come with a shootable Osage Indian bow and one arrow, can be used as functional accoutrements for living history demonstrations. Or use them as decorative wall hangers and shelf sitters.

IMG_4634IMG_4635The bow quiver is buffalo leather, and the arrow quiver is antelope leather.

IMG_4636IMG_4637This antelope leather set is well-decorated in Plains Indian style.

IMG_4638IMG_4639This set features both buffalo and antelope leather.

img_4727_0005Notice the bead strip on this Charolais cowhide set.

img_4728_0006Here’s another Charolais cowhide quiver set. This one features a turkey feather.

img_4729_0007Red trade wool dresses up this quiver set made of elk leather.

Hide Paintings

Wow, look at these traditional, one-of-a-kind hide paintings! Natural-colored antelope and deer leather generally provide the backdrop for these works of art, but any hide—even your own—can be used. Each image is hand-painted with acrylics on tanned leather, and hair can be left on or off. Custom-made paintings are available too; just send us an image. Most are approximately 36 x 30 inches.
$185 and up


War Shields

Native American war shields were believed to offer both physical protection and spiritual guidance. Ours are decorated in the traditional Plains Indian style. Here are some samples of the kinds of shields we’ve done in the past. Even if you don’t see one you love, give us a call . . . our artist can create a design to match the idea in your head.

Native American war shield

Native American war shield